Embroidery lettering is one of the foundations of an embroidery design. We have a wide variety of embroidery lettering styles to choose from – there is block, script and specialty lettering styles. We are also able to replicate most true type fonts. This service requires that we have the font available and then digitizing software is used to produce the end result. If you do not see the embroidery lettering style you would like, please contact us with the specific font name you would like used for your embroidery design.

Add keyboard lettering to a stock design to make the design your own personalized logo. We have over 50 lettering styles to choose from. Lettering ranges in size from .15\” – 6\” in height. Each lettering style has limitations, so note the minimum and maximum heights for your lettering choice.

Most lettering can be italicized, arched and manipulated to meet your needs. We also have a variety of monogram lettering to choose from.

There are two specific types of lettering: Block and Script. Some lettering has serifs. A common font that has serifs is Times Roman. Notice the lines at the bottom and top of the letters? They are called serifs.

We specialize in custom embroidery. Be sure to check out our machine embroidery designs for sale. We would be happy to take your company logo and digitize it for your company branding.

Custom Embroidery Services

If you have a logo or an idea for a t-shirt or any other piece of clothing, contact And Sew On Embroidery for information on how we can help take your idea and get it out there for people to see.

We work closely with all our customers to ensure they are getting the products and services they need, no matter how large or small the order is.

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