Finished Pre-Sewn Designs

Our library of in-house produced stock embroidery designs for sale continues to grow. You will find a wide assortment of embroidery designs to be purchased. Designs purchased can be used for embroidering onto goods to be sold or for your own use.

Our in-house stock embroidery designs are protected and cannot be resold, offered for sale or given away, in any form, without our expressed permission.

All our designs have been digitized to be economical and efficient. We ensure that excessive stitches are removed and, where ever possible, colors are grouped together. Scroll down to see the different catagories of stock embroidery designs we have to offer.

We also offer a resizing and “add lettering” service for all of our designs. Send us an email of the design, the size and the text to be added and we will respond back with a quote.

Products For Sale