Many questions our customers ask are answered on this page about our custom embroidery and screen printing services.

If after reading this page if you still have questions please contact us.

Custom Embroidery

Do you have an approval process for custom embroidery?

Yes, every design or logo is produced than sent to the customer via e-mail, fax or mail for their approval. Ideally e-mail is our first choice because it is quick and provides a colour reproduction of the design.

What is the process if I place an order for custom embroidery using a logo?

  •   Receive confirmation of order
  •   Receive artwork from customer
  •   Digitizer enlarges the artwork, decides the size of the logo (depends on where it will be placed), the number of colours and the type of stitches to use
  •   Send simulation of digitized design to customer for approval, by email

Once approval is received:

  •   Schedule production of order
  •   Embroidery applied
  •   Quality Assurance performed
  •   Folding & packaging of items
  •   Ship to customer, or order picked up
  •   Email sent to customer informing them that product has been shipped

What types of custom embroidery do you offer?

There are four main types of embroidery:
1) Custom embroidery – such as logos, requiring digitizing,
2) Stock design with lettering (or just lettering)
3) Monogramming (initials)
4) Machine embroidery designs created for the home embroiderer or commercial embroidery industry

What types of items can be embroidered?

Most items can be embroidered. The rule of thumb is that we must be able to get the item onto the embroidery machine. In some cases, where an item is too thick or cumbersome to fit into a traditional hoop, we use other methods to get the item on the machine. Traditional items that are embroidered are: clothing, bags, caps and hats.

Do I have to buy the items I want embroidered from you?

No, we service many customers who supply their own goods and we provide only the embroidery service.

How is your embroidery priced?

Our embroidery service pricing is based on the number of stitches and the quantity of items being embroidered in each design. The more items being done at one time, the lower the price per custom embroidery location.

Do you have a setup fee for just lettering?

If the complexity of the lettering is simple and the design does not require us to mail a sample, we do not charge a setup fee. If the lettering requires editing or special approval, then we charge a $15 setup fee.

Do you have a setup fee for using a stock design and lettering?

It depends on how complex the design is that you are seeking and if we can easily locate a stock design to use. We have a large library but if you want something specific then we may charge a nominal fee for the time it takes to find the design, add the lettering and then send it to you for final approval before we begin the custom embroidery application.

Screen Printing

What types of items can be screen printed?

Items ideal for screen printing are clothing, bags, umbrellas and towels. By no means are these the only items. If you have something in particular you’d like screenprinted please contact us.

How is your screen printing priced?

Screen printing pricing is based on the number of colours, the quantity printed and the colour of the item the screen printing is being applied to. The greater the number of colours, the higher the price. The smaller the amount of items being done at one time, the higher the price. Colored items require a white wash before we apply the main ink color to ensure colors stay their true tones.

If I provide a photograph, will it be identical when screen printed?

The screen printing process is different than printing something on a flat piece of paper. Because material is porous and the number of colours is restricted to four (4), it is difficult to get screen printing to duplicate a photograph entirely. In most cases we are able to get an excellent reproduction. Photographs are best reproduced in a heat applied transfer.

What type of artwork do you need for screen printing?

The cleaner the artwork, the better. We do have artists available to reproduce hand drawings, but our preference is to have camera-ready artwork. Camera-ready refers to an image that has a vector format at a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch). The most common vector files are from Corel Draw (cdr), Adobe Illustrator (ai) and Photoshop (eps). Other image files such as gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp or tiff can also be used but will require our artist to redraw the image in a vector format to ensure the best screen printed image possible.

What is the process for screen printing?

The screen printing process consists of:

  •   Receive order and artwork
  •   Clothing or items are ordered
  •   Artist separates artwork into different colours
  •   Screens are burned
  •   Once we receive the clothing or items, printing is scheduled
  •   Items printed
  •   Shipped to customer or picked up

Is there a setup fee for screen printing?

Yes, there is a one time setup fee of $15 for each colour in the design. If you get items printed again using the same design, there will be no setup fee. There is also an initial artwork charge – generally 15 minutes.

Why is screen printing more expensive than heat transfers?

Screen printing uses a plastic ink that has a consistency similar to paint. Screen printed goods do not crack or fade (unless put into direct sunlight or a very hot dryer for long periods of time), like a heat transfer does. Screen printed items are of a higher quality and will outlast an item with a heat transfer.

Is there a minimum quantity for screen printing?

Yes, our minimum quantity for screen printing is 10 items. We can print fewer items but you will be charged the same price as you would for printing 10 items.


Can I buy a product without embroidery or screen printing?

Certainly. We offer blanks, as well as items that can be embellished with your custom logo, design or name.

Do prices include embroidery or screen printing?

Our prices do not include the cost of the embroidery or screen printing. Since each design is different, prices vary in cost for embellishment services.

How much time does it take to get my order?

We strive to provide as a quick of a turnaround as possible. On average, most embroidery orders leave our shop within 5 – 10 working days from the time the order is placed. For screen printing, orders usually ship within 10 – 14 working days. Blank items are generally shipped within 48 hours of payment being received.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept Visa or MasterCard, company checks, PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, E-checks), money order or cash payments.

We are not in your area, does this matter?

Not at all. Generally the artwork required for production is sent via electronic means, such as e-mail or fax. We are able to ship across Canada and the United States, for a minimal cost.

I need something fast, can you help?

Certainly, we accommodate rush orders whenever possible. A rush fee may be applicable.

How long will it take to get my order?

We usually have orders shipped within 7 – 14 work days from the time we receive the design approval.

Do you have minimum order requirements?

Yes, in some cases there are minimum order quantities required (such as for screen printing and some heat transfer products), but we have been able to help most customers who are willing to wait a bit longer for their order to be shipped, if they have a smaller order.