Heat Transfers for Sport Jerseys

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If you are seeking heat applied letters or numbers, or letters and numbers that are sewn down, we can help. We offer a variety of die-cut letters and numbers in different material types for creating personalized clothing, bags or anything imaginable. Since clothing items are treated with chemicals it is necessary to always preheat the item to remove the chemicals and any moisture. Press for 20 – 30 seconds a couple of times. Be sure to scroll down the page to see a description of each of the heat applied materials we offer, what they should be applied to.

If you are seeking simple heat transfer letters or sew on letters you will find what you need on this page. An explanation of the different material types is available on our Heat Transfers Letters and Numbers introduction page. Also explore our pre-stitched twill letters that can be adhere with heat without needing to sew the edges and the Pre-Spaced Player Names and Numbers page.

We’ve just added a new product – No Sew Twill. Get the great look of sewn twill without the hassle. This product looks like it’s sewn but it’s not. We’ve applied laser highlights that given a sewn appearance.

Team Perfect

We’ve just made offering personalized sportswear even easier!

Our Prespaced Name & Number has been taken to a new level – Team Perfect™! Ideal for sports enthusiasts, Team Perfect™ comes with a pre-spaced team, school or city name with a pre-positioned graphic or a graphic and number. Team Perfect™ sets are available in the same font styles and material selections as our Prespaced Player Name and Number. A fast, easy way to obtain sportswear heat transfers without incurring set-up fees.

Heat Transfer Letters and Numbers Information:

Heat Transfer Letters and Numbers Information:

Our die-cut letters and numbers range in height from 1/2″ – 12″. The edges of our letters and numbers are never ragged or uneven.

Die-cut letters and numbers are sold in packages or kits in a wide range of material types.

Letters and numbers made of twill require zig-zag stitched edges to eliminate fraying. We also offer pre-stitched letters to save you time. Our pre-spaced player names and numbers are ideal if you are uncomfortable with spacing of the letters or numbers manually.

Lettering Styles: We have many different lettering styles to choose from.

Go to our heat transfers lettering page.

Colours: A wide range of colours choices is available and varies with each material type we offer. Each style of letter can be ordered in one or two colour combinations, in the same material or you can combine materials.

View available colours for each product type

Material Types: